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Official Trail Status

But before you go looking at what other people have said, here is the current official status as reported by our official Woolly peeps.

Closed. Significant rainfall this week. Trail will be checked again tomorrow but more rain in the forecast. The Gandy Dancer is open and a great all weather riding option in Saint Croix Falls.

Trail Reports

ReportDate RiddenRider
Trails are groomed and in great shape, I rode everything except erratic rock. Some damage from foot traffic and high tire pressures, but at 6pm the trails were well packed.2019-12-04Adam
Great shape. A little tacky, but fun. Watch out for the low elevation tight turn, some soft spots..2019-10-14Gisathon
Rode a bunch on the trails the last 2 days and no encounters with the hornets/wasps. Both times were in mid to late morning. Trail conditions awesome as usual!2019-08-09Corey
Wasp warning! Just a heads up that we appear to have some ground wasps on the initial climb of Erratic Rock. You do the little climb parallel to the Gandy and then turn left and keep climbing. Right there you may find yourself with some very unwelcome company. The Chisago Lakes Composite Team was out last night and we got 18 stings on 6 riders. We will try to get out and take care of the issue, but for the moment be warned. If you are allergic you may best want to avoid Erratic Rock.2019-08-01Arron C Valleen
The Erratic Rock trail has ground bees, our group got a lot of bee stings today. Be careful.2019-07-27Rick G
Trails were perfect2019-06-16Jeremy
Trails officially closed until the trails are dry enough to ride. Stay tuned 🚴🚴🌞🌞2019-03-21Arron C Valleen
Rode at 11am 28 degrees, trail is in great ,fast condition east of Gandy. West side of Gandy is rideable but sadly almost all of it has been hiked in warmer conditions leaving 4” deep tracks on most of trail west side of Gandy.😔 Big Oak was not hiked so still good. Watch out for flooded icy spot just after big boulder coming down from high point on erratic rock section.2019-03-17Corey
Trails were soft as to be expected. Road with 2.5 PSI. Last Ride of the year?? Loved every minute of it. Thanks woolly crew. The Woolly is amazing!2019-03-12John L.
Impressed but not surprised how good the trails were this morning. Nice wide hard pack and no ruts made riding at 4 psi fun. Didn’t ride Erratic because it was getting warm. Great job by Bjorn and all the local riders keeping the trail in great shape.2019-03-09Len
Trails got (mostly) groomed last night. They are in excellent shape, smooth and hard packed. Get out and ride while the snow is good!2019-03-07Adam
Plan ur afternoon. Surfs up! Not riding at 2 psi today.Hallelujah!2019-03-07Therese
Cousin Johaness did a little grooming. Riegal, Wissahickon, and Big Oak he did a decent job on. He got stuck on the new connector past the cemetery. Your snow angels are nothing compared to his. Sorry about that. The rest of the connector and all of Erratic Rock were untouched for this round. We figured we should stop while we were ahead for the evening. Snow coming this weekend!2019-03-06Bjorn
Trails are beautiful. They are packed down really well and ride fast, although there are a handful of tricky sections where people have stalled/fallen on uphills, and a few places where the packed trail is lost under a burm. Mostly beautiful though, get out while the trail is good!2019-03-06Adam
I rode this afternoon in the wonderful sunshine! Trails were in good shape, decent firm base - with a little snow from the past few days, making them a little slippery but ridable. Riegal and Big Oak had the most traffic and, as a result, were nice to ride. The Wissahickons were a little more challenging with some chewed up/foot traffic spots. Didn't have the legs for Erratic Rock so not sure how that is fairing. I ran 4/5 psi and only had an issue on the new switchback climb by the cemetery - as did others. Hoping Bjorn will get out for a loop as that will make them perfect!2019-03-06Liz
Trails in great shape today. Still soft on the sides of trail making off camber sections wanting to pull you into the deep white stuff. Amazing grooming work this year!2019-03-06Corey
Concur with other reports. A bit soft overall on top of nicely set up base with a mess here and there. Overall the trail is quite rideable with low pressure. Didn't ride Erratic Rock though-didn't want to blow a seal in my respiratory system. Well done Bjorn!2019-03-03Len
Woolly trails in good riding condition. Couple short sections along the gandy still little soft but rideable. Rest of trail very nice and freshly groomed. Watch out for snowmobiles on gandy lots of sled activity. Trap Rock brewery in good condition also.2019-03-02Corey Russell
Trails were pretty decent, easily rideable with very low tire pressure. There are some rough sections where people have fallen off or spun out and a couple places where plows have pushed snow onto the trail. Otherwise great riding!2019-03-02Adam
Made two passes last night. Optimistic that the riding will be good on Saturday!2019-03-01Bjorn
5:30pm Friday 3/1/2019 and it is snowing like mad in Woolly Land. Probably 5+ inches already today. Bjorn will be figuring out when to get out and groom. I'd expect it to take several days to firm up. So think super low pressures for a while. Bjorn will hopefully make an official report here after he does a few passes.2019-03-01Ben Mullin