Have a question about the Woolly?  Maybe we have already answered it here...

Are the trails open?

We are so glad you asked!  Current trail conditions can be found in a number of locations.

  1. Right on the front page of the Woolly Website is a trail status indicator.
  2. Check our Facebook Page
  3. Check our Twitter Feed
  4. Check the signs hanging on the kiosks at the trails.

We do our best to keep all of those places in sync and up to date.  As always, use your best judgement when riding.  If you are leaving marks, it is probably too wet to ride.

Are you an IMBA chapter?

Yes.  The Woolly Board has elected to remain an IMBA chapter as of the spring of 2017.  The board will continue to monitor the cost/benefit of IMBA membership and will alert the Woolly club members of any changes.

I want to help build trails, how can I get involved?

Awesome!  The majority of our trail building and maintenance projects are coordinated through a separate Woolly Trail Volunteers Facebook group.  Ask to be a member there to stay up to date with all trail work opportunities.

Woolly Bike Club Trail Volunteers Facebook Group

Can I run on the Woolly Trails?

While the trails have been designed with mountain biking in mind, they are multi use trails.  During non-fatbiking we only ask that you respect the trail closures for wet conditions and that you stay alert for passing bikers.  When the trails have been groomed for fatbiking, the only permissible use is biking with tires at least 3.8" or greater.