It is with great disappointment that the Woolly Crew has made the call to reschedule the Woolly Race to July 10th, 2022.

Going into the weekend we were very optimistic that the 0.25"-0.5" of forecasted rain would be bearable and we could put on a good race.

Unfortunately, by 10am on Saturday Woolly had already received 1.25" of rain with another 0.5" forecasted to come by race time on Sunday.

The soccer fields that are our start and finish area had kids up to their ankles in muddy water, the new bypasses around our muddies trails are underwater, and the best draining trails we planned to use also have standing water.

So in the interest of preserving trail conditions (we could ride damp trails with minimal damage, but wet trails would be destroyed), rider experience (no mud crashes, saving the drive train from damage, cold wet riding), community relationships (not destroying the soccer fields), and volunteer retention (not making our volunteers stand out in the rain for 8 hours) we have to postpone.

We know some folks will be disappointed that the race has to be moved and you might not be able to make it to the new date.  For that we are very sorry.  We really did want to put on the race this weekend and thought we could until the forecast was wrong the wrong way.

We hope everyone will understand and we hope to see you on July 10th.

Cheers from a soggy Woolly Crew


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