We know the weather is nice and we know everyone wants to ride dirt.  We do too.  Unfortunately the trails are not ready yet.

We have been out checking them out and can assure you that they are still too wet to ride.  It is going to be a little while yet too.  We opted to make it as clear as possible and put some step stakes out with trail tape across some of the entrance points.  Putting the step stakes in we still hit some frost.

So please, for a while yet, stay off the trails.  We are just 5 weeks away from the Woolly Race and we want to be sure the trails are in the best condition possible which would mean not fixing damage done when riding (or walking or running) wet trails.

In case you were still wondering, consider what our friends in Duluth have posted for their trail conditions.  Same here.

In the mean time, we are just two weeks away from the Mammoth Gravel Classic.  So grab your gravel bike or pump those tires up and head out to check out the MGC course.  The 100 miler is fully marked already.  The 70 course is marked as far as County Road O (~mile 30).

Thinking warm and dry thoughts everyone!

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