I don’t think you’ll find a group more interested in getting out and riding dirt than the Woolly Club members themselves.  Unfortunately the trails aren’t ready yet.  Please, please, please, stay off the trails until they are ready.

There is some discussion about building some new trails this summer in Woolly Land.  Folks riding wet and closed trails makes that hard to happen for a number of reasons.  First, instead of building, we are repairing trails.  Second, the Woolly Club does not own any of the land the trails are on, and we work hard to manage our relationships with our land managers and having sustainable and maintained trails is a key to our access.  Rutted up trails don’t make good sales pitches to get access to build more.

We had a member out today clearing some of the downed trees from the winds a week ago.  The report is that the trails are still VERY wet and it is likely some time before we will be in a position to open them.  Remember, if you are leaving marks in the trail, whether that be tire tracks or foot prints, the trails are too soft to be on.  This applies to the Woolly Trails and the Gandy Dancer as well.

In the meantime, we can recommend a number of alternate activities.  First, check out the gravel scene.  The gravel roads never close and with the Mammoth Gravel Classic coming up in just a few weeks you’ll want to be putting some miles in anyhow.  Two, go check out some skills videos online and take your bike for a spin in your driveway or yard and practice some of those skills you never have time to practice while chasing Strava KOMs on the trails.  Third, come on out to the Woolly Board meeting this Thursday at 7pm at the St. Croix Falls Library and see how you can get involved.

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