Hey Woolly Fans, we are finally going to kick-off our Tuesday night group rides tonight (6/7/2016)!

Here is how the rides generally go down:

1) Meet in the Woolly Trailhead parking lot shortly before 6:00pm ready to ride.

2) At 6:00 or very shortly there after your friendly Woolly representative will lead all gathered parties on a no-drop lap of the Woolly Trails.  No drop means that we ride at a conversational pace with frequent stops to regroup and let people catch their breath.  We may also scale the loop depending on skills and abilities.  That first lap should take about an hour or so.

3) After that, it is game on for anyone who wants to go ride some more.

Given the recent rains tonight we will be treading lightly and avoiding the sections of our trails that do not drain as well.  Specifically we will be skipping the trails in Regal Park.

So come on out and join us tonight.  We will flip that closed sign later today after the trails have had some time to dry out so don’t freak out that it still says trails closed, we will have that group ride.

Going forward we will be keeping the blog here updated with the status of the group rides so please check back in each week.

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