Hey Folks,

Tonight, Thursday May 19th, is our monthly board meeting.  This is where the club board and any and all interested members gather to discuss Woolly business including but not limited to races/events, trails, outreach, and bikes.

You will find us in the St. Croix Falls Library meeting room at 7:00pm.  You can enter the meeting room directly from the south end of the library.

If you are curious what goes on to run the club I encourage you to join us.

Tonight’s proposed agenda:

1.  Financial recap (Dallas)

2.  Race recap and discussion (Matt)

3.  Trailhead discussion 
–Sign Update (Dallas)
–Other upgrades: pump/workstation, etc…

4.  Vice Chair discussion
–We need one.
–anyone interested?
–vote tonight or wait until June?

5.  Trail discussion

6.  Website/Social Media discussion (Ben)

7.  Purchases
–Storage Shed/Rental Unit

8.  Probably a few other things that I can’t think of right now (Sorry).

9.  Go home (no later than 8:15…unless people just want to hang out)

Maybe see you tonight,

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