So yes, we were a bit concerned.  It rained MUCH more than was forecast yesterday.  We had already started discussing course re-routes to avoid sections that might be wet.  Even when we were out first thing this AM, there was standing water in a few spots.  Luckily the sun and a breeze make a big difference.  We currently have a couple soft spots, but those will disappear quickly with traffic tomorrow.

The entire course was visited with a leaf blower today.  A couple trouble spots had significant dirt work done to make sure they are ready to go.  A couple of the guys did a scout lap just before dark and they report conditions as ideal…nicely tacky.

Tomorrow will be one of the busiest weeks of the year on the trails, so be patient with the other riders.  Remember, not everyone on the trails are racers out for a pre-ride.  We have lots of recreational riders that will be enjoying the trails tomorrow, so please be conscious of them.

The different race courses are signed and trail tape is marking much of the course already.  We will be finishing things up tomorrow, so watch for volunteer and give them plenty of space.  Check our post on race course and maps for 2016 because there are some changes.

Also, if you are driving up from the Cities, check that post.  There is construction in Taylors Falls and the MnDOT detour will add over 20 minutes to your drive.

There is a GREAT weekend on tap in Woollyland!!!

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