A few important reminders and updates for everyone in Woolly Land.

Annual Meeting Thursday

First, the annual meeting is THIS THURSDAY.  November 9th.  Meet us at CyclovaXC in St. Croix Falls at 6:45 for food and then our annual meeting where we will elect our new board, discuss the Woolly, and learn a bit about the new 2018 Trek fat bikes.

One lucky attendee will get a sweet new long sleeve Woolly jersey.  There will be a sizing kit on hand for folks to pick the right size and the store is open for a few more days.

Trail Status

We are going to open the trails for FROZEN CONDITIONS riding.  This means that if the ground is frozen you can ride.  With the temperature swings and maybe even more importantly the sun you will find variable trail conditions for the next few weeks.  Your best bet is a day without sunshine and high temps below freezing.

As always, use your best judgement.  If you are leaving marks in the trail, it is too soft and you shouldn’t be there.

Friday Night Lights Ride

Everyone around here is all pumped up to go riding and since we are declaring the trails open when frozen, it is time to go night riding.  There is a group getting together on Friday night.  Meet at 7 pm at the trailhead with some lights and enjoy the ride.

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