What Is Global Fat Bike Day?

Hey Woolly Land, Global Fat Bike Day is fast approaching.  Sorry, it isn’t a national holiday, and it isn’t a sanctioned event by any governing body.  It is just an excuse to gather with like minded fat bike minded friends and go ride.

2016 Woolly Global Fat Bike Day Group Picture

The 2016 edition had around 30 people attend.

If we were going to have snow and Bjorn had done his thing, we would have hosted the Woolly event on the groomed single track.  Sadly, mother nature doesn’t appear like she is going to play along with that plan.  Not sadly, this means we can do a repeat of what we did last year which was AWESOME!

The 2017 Woolly GFBD Plan

So, just like last year, we are going to congregate at the Wolf Creek Bar at 10am on Saturday December 2nd.  From there we are going to roll out into the Governor Knowles State Forest and enjoy some of the best scenery, terrain, and trails the area has to offer.  We will be hitting a combination of dirt roads, fire roads, snowmobile/atv trail, horse trail, and maybe a touch of pavement.

Before you ask, no, you do NOT need a fat bike for this edition of the Global Fat Bike Day.  If we were on the groomed single track, we’d be following our own rules about a 3.8″ minimum tire, but out here, and with minimal expected snow, a regular mountain bike is totally fair game.  But you should totally get a fat bike anyhow.  You’ll see how much fun they are.

2016 Woolly Global Fat Bike Day Route

The route we did in 2016.

New this year, we are going to have what other groups might call and A and a B ride.  We might call them something more like the Shreddy Group, and the I’m Just Here For A Good Time Group.  Both groups will probably ride for about two hours (maybe a little less, maybe a little more), but expect the Shreddy Group to cover more ground and probably push you a little bit.  The I’m Just Here For A Good Time Group is likely to skip the roughest stuff and stick more to the scenic bits, going at a more leisurely pace, and maybe taking a few more pictures.

Both groups will be “no drop”.  As in, we don’t intend to leave anyone alone out in the forest where there is pretty limited cell reception.

After the ride, plan to stop into the Wolf Creek Bar to grab a burger and a recovery beverage.  We are going to give them a heads up we are coming.  Stick around to swap tales of fat bike adventure and dream about the groomed single track that will soon be coming to Woolly Land.

What To Expect

Just to get the stoke up a little, here are a few pictures from last years ride and a separate ride in the same area (pictures with significant snow are NOT from GFBD, but are on the same trails).

Jason checking to make sure the group has reassembled before continuing on.

One of the overlooks on the Trade River a week or so after last years GFBD ride, but on the same route.

Governor Knowles State Forest

Sand Barrens Sand Pit

They don’t call them the Sand Barrens for nothing!

Arron waves as the pack cruises the fire roads.

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