Woolly Open For Fat Biking

Winter appears to have arrived again!  Woolly Land received 2-3 of snow Monday night and with temps staying below freezing for the current forecast the trails are open again!

We don’t quite have enough yet to get Bjorn out to groom things up, but it should be awesome for riding in a trail.

Winter Rules

Now that we have snow, fat bike tire rules are in effect.  Tires of 3.8″ width or wider are the only ones allowed on the trails during snow conditions.

Also, pressure is king in soft conditions.  And we don’t mean high pressure.  Check out this handy graphic from CWOCC that really illustrates pressure guidelines.

Pressure recommendations from our friends at CWOCC

Getting these low pressures can be hard to achieve with just your regular floor pump.  Getting a low pressure gauge can be invaluable.  Swing by Woolly sponsor CyclovaXC and they can set you up with something similar to the gauge below.

An example of a low pressure gauge for setting fat bike tire pressure.

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