The Woolly Trails were groomed extensively Saturday night, and saw a bunch of traffic on Sunday. With temps close to freezing through the day Sunday, the snow from the last storm was a little sticky, and packed in really really nice, and then froze solid overnight.

As of right now, the Woolly is almost perfect. The trails are buttery smooth, packed solid to its full width, with no ruts, and only a couple patches of ice.

The bad: Erratic Rock climb is a little sketchy still due to heavy drifting from the last snow, and the upper part of Erratic Rock has been re-routed due to the ice and mud up there.

Over the next few days, the forecast is looking great for riding in the early part of the day, and today, it looks good until around midday.

As always, limit your activities to the colder part of the day. Conditions cans change very rapidly this time of year, and we’d love for you to enjoy them while they’re this good, but please jump off the trail if it seems like it’s getting soft or slushy out there.

*Bjorn thinks that he’s probably done for the season, and that this week might be the end of #ridegroomedat the Woolly- until next year that is, so get it while the getting is good!!!!!!

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