Hey folks, we are just a lucky 13 days away from Woolly Race 2018!

We still need volunteers.  Specifically we are in need of the following:

Registration – Need 2-3 more individuals

T-Shirt Sales/Merch – Need 1 person

Course Marshalls  (I’m assuming same road crossings as last year)

  • Morning Shift – Minimum needs of 2 more,  would be ideal to have 3
  • Afternoon Shift – Minimum need to have 3 more,  would be ideal to have 4 more

Feed Zones

  • AM Shift – Need 3 more people
  • PM Shift – need 1 more person

Course Tear Down – As many hands as are available

If you can help please send an email to woollyvolunteers@gmail.com

Remember, you can volunteer AND race.  Make it a whole Woolly day!

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