Board Elections

As you may or may not know, the Woolly Bike Club has a set of board members that administer the business of the club.

The annual board member election is coming up soon (December 6th at the membership party).  What we want you, yes YOU, to do about it:

  1. Make sure your membership is up to date – As an IMBA chapter, this means that your IMBA membership is current and you have designated Woolly Bike Club as your chapter.
  2. Run for the board! – If you are a member in good standing (see item 1), you are eligible to run for one of the open board positions (vice chair, treasurer (one year partial term), secretary, or the three board members at large).  You are committing to attend a minimum of 8 of the 12 monthly board meetings and helping run the club as best you can.
  3. Nominate someone for the board! – Maybe you aren’t ready to run for the board yourself, but you know someone who has the skills and talent to help the club.  Nominate them for the board.  Maybe they just need the push from someone else to realize their potential.
  4. Attend the Membership Party on 12/6 and vote – There isn’t any point to having an election if no one votes.  The election process has been revamped to give all members a say in electing the board.  Do your Woolly civic duty and vote.

Without our board, the Woolly Bike Club would cease to exist and those trails that you love would eventually overgrow and disappear.

Mark Fisk has been appointed the Nominations Chair by the board.  Any member wishing to be considered for any of the board positions or wishing to nominate anyone else should get in touch with Mark at markbfisk <at> gmail <dot> com.

Our ballot needs to be finalized by November 21st to give ample time for the membership to see the ballot and prepare to vote.

 Membership Party

Not only is it an election of the new board, we are throwing a party.  We are working on an exciting venue that you won’t want to miss.  We can’t quite tell you where yet, but it is within 15 minutes of the Woolly Trailhead.

We will have a brief Woolly Year In Review, elections, food, and a few more items we are working on that will hopefully make it something you don’t want to miss.

So be sure to save the evening of December 6th on your calendar for a Woolly Party.

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