Tick Tock... Just over a week to go.  Seeing the amount of traffic out on the trails the last two days it seems like maybe we aren't the only ones excited for the race.

More Sponsors?

Absolutely!  We are going to keep beating the drum here.  Without these sponsors, there is no Woolly Race.  Without the Woolly Race, we most likely would not have Woolly trails.  And if we didn't have Woolly trails, we would all be really sad.  So, be sure to thank all of these sponsors if you can!

GOOD FOOD, GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD TIMES!!  The Dalles House is the "go-to place" in St. Croix Falls for a refreshing post-ride beer and a great burger.  Located right at the intersection of Hwy 8 and Hwy 35, it is just minutes from the Woolly trail head.

Also, the Dalles House Coffee Shop in downtown St. Croix, is the place to start your morning before a ride or to grab a great lunch or post-ride coffee.  2 locations, but always a great experience!!

See those great Can-Am Side-by-Sides being used by the race staff?  You can buy those exact machines at Olson Power.

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Woody is the man that challenged Keith Velaski and Mark Fisk to host a mountain bike race.  That challenge developed into 12 years of mountain bike racing, the founding of the Woolly Bike Club, 9+ miles of singletrack, etc...., etc...., etc...  Plus Woody teamed up the club a few years ago to offer great kid's events at the race venue through Spring Awakening, a celebration of Spring that Woody organized.  He has been with us since the beginning and he keeps helping us be better...plus he puts on TONS of other great events throughout the area and throughout the year.

For 20 years Genius Of Fun (Woody McBride) has been a full service Pro Sound, Light & Event Producer based in the Twin Cities/St Croix Valley producing St Paul Oktoberfest, TC Burger Battle and numerous city festivals and countless shows at First Avenue.

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Trail Update

Lots of traffic on Friday and Saturday.  This is definitely help smooth out the deer prints (they can't seem to follow the rules about staying off muddy trails) and frost heaves.  The dirt is plenty tacky and the riding is great.

We have also had volunteers out touching up a few spots that got the worst of the spring melt erosion.  The trimmers have been out in force as well cleaning up the face, arm, and knee slappers.  Oh, and 75' of fresh bench cut.

The new trail let's us update the map from yesterday just a little bit.  As you ride up the paved Interlink trail past the Lower Meadow, you can now duck back into the Meadow at the very "top".  A short trip and you will hang a right back into the woods.  Stay right when you enter the woods and you'll find the fresh single track.  If you don't stay right, you'll end up on the 6th tee box for the Riegel Mammoth Disc Golf Course!

Start Area Course Details

If you've done the Woolly race before, the start area is expected to be about the same and you probably know the drill.  But if you haven't done the race before, we know it might be a little confusing.  So here are a few detailed maps and word descriptions to help you out.

Kids Comp/Citizen

Both races start with a lap around the soccer field before going right past the finish.  Hang a left and go around the back side of the school.  After a fun lap you'll find yourself coming back onto the soccer field near the start area.  For the Kids Comp class, just one more trip around the soccer field and into the finish chute.  Citizen class, you will make that same trip, but you'll hang a left again and do one more lap before finishing.

Marathon/Sport/Men's and Women's Elite

Admittedly the most complicated, but it really isn't too bad when you are out there as we will have it taped off for you.

Start with a lap around the soccer field cruising past the finish chute you will see after a few laps (depending on which class you are in).

On the first lap, and first lap only, you will skip West Ridge and make a lap behind the school.  You'll have all sorts of time to figure out who is going to get the hole shot for the first short stretch of single track.

Lap 2 for Sport, and laps 2 and 3 for Comp/Women's Elite, you GET to ride West Ridge.  Hopefully you didn't go out too hot on your first lap because the old school technical trail and the punishing climbs will not be fun if you did.  You marathon folks... well how many West Ridge laps do you want to do in four hours?

On your last lap be sure to head into the finish chute.  Try to clear the area as best you can before collapsing off your bike.


Pretty straight forward here.  A lap round the soccer field... all out... because you immediately dive into West Ridge.  If you want the hole shot you better be on it from the gun.

Three laps of that loop before rolling through the finish chute.


Hopefully you are finding these somewhat informative.  If you have questions be sure to hit us up at race@woollybikeclub.com.  If you've got questions, I'm sure others do too.

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