This is a short one... I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired!

Thank You To Everyone

Thank you to our racers and all of the people who support them.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors who make this race possible.

Thank you to our 50+ volunteers who get it done.

Thank you to the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series for entrusting us with kicking off the season.

Found, But Not Reported Lost Yet

Our pile is pretty small this year.  A couple of bottles we assume are likely never to be reported missing, a shirt, and some calf sleeves.

We've got a set of car keys.  Those may have been local though as no one was left in the parking lot when we left.

Probably most importantly, someone is going to have a hard time riding their bike we think.  If you get the bike out tomorrow and realize... hmmm... something is missing, let us know what you might be missing and we will work to get it back to you.


We will be following up with a survey as we have done the last few years.  But if you have thoughts before we get it out, we always welcome feedback.  Constructive feedback helps us improve. or drop us a message on Facebook.

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