Can you smell the hero dirt?

It is race weekend and we are pretty excited.

Course markings went up today.

Race day registration forms, maps, announcer scripts, age group sheets, signs, etc were all printed today.

Tomorrow after the kids get done with soccer, we set-up the start/finish area (please don't pre-ride through the soccer kids!).

Sunday morning we will be ready for you!


You can read the rest of me blathering on, but the short story is we absolutely plan to be racing on Sunday.

We know that some of you are looking at the forecast and might be concerned.  It is precipitating out on course right now Friday evening.  It is supposed to end here shortly and be absolutely gorgeous on Saturday.  Riding should be PRIMO!

Saturday night in to Sunday morning we might get a little more precipitation as well.  Possibly even during the scheduled races.

Here is the series Race Weather Guidelines

Right now those forecasts call for less than a tenth of an inch of rain.  Not much.  As the guidelines indicate we will be working with the series on any potential changes due to weather.  But at this time, unless things change drastically and we get drenched overnight, we fully expect to be racing on Sunday.

So... don't stay out too late on Saturday, set that alarm, get to Woolly!

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