And then it was race day...

Yeah, we know we were counting down and it should be 1 day to go.  Its getting to be pretty late though so by the time you see this it will likely be race day.


First up, have you looked outside yet?  How did it look?  Well, it doesn't matter, we are racing no matter what.  So don't hit the snooze and go back to sleep, get to Woolly Land. says 25% chance of showers, says 50%, but only 0.06".  We might get a bit wet, but the trails will be fine and we only get one Woolly Race day each year.

Basically we are worried that you are worried about the weather even though we aren't worried.  Get up here because we are racing.

Course Update

One final course update after final markings today.  This only affects Kids Comp and Citizen.  Long story short, you will dump into Big Oak right at the top of the switch backs just as you have in the past.

The course will be VERY clearly marked tomorrow.  Even if you don't know what we are talking about, you can't possibly miss this change.

Course Note

This one applies to everyone.  When the four stooges (yes, that includes me the race director who was riding a bike one size too big in jeans) took one last lap this evening to check the fool proofness of the course markings, we realized that folks may not have quite caught the intent of the trail tape along side the paved trail near the Lower Meadow.

Hopefully the following picture is worth at least a few hundred words.  We guess that many of you who pre-rode the course rode the paved trail to the right of the tape.  We actually want you on the grass to the left of it.  The tape at the bottom of the hill won't give you a choice in the morning.

The paved trail remains open there tomorrow so we want to avoid the possibility of someone blasting down that hill at 30 mph while you are racing up it.

The Lower Meadow Strava segment is called the False Flat Field of Death and Explosions.  This new path has no falseness about it, but we suspect it might result in some explosions.  Sorry, not sorry.

Red is the normal Lower Meadow trail closed because it is wet, blue is the trail tape next to the paved trail, green is the grass where you will be riding.


We will have everything set-up, all of the necessary stuff form the Mn Mtb Series, volunteers trained, etc and be ready for registration at 8 am.  We will have the day of forms for you to fill out before that, but please be patient until the registration staff is ready.

Kids Comp races at 9 am.  We usually get a huge rush to register right at 8 am.  We will ask that you be kind to your fellow racers and perhaps let the kids comp'ers slide towards the front of the line.  Remember, these kids are the future of mountain biking so let's be sure they make it to the race on time.


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