Race week!

Trails Updates and Weather Speculation

We got a little rain in Woolly Land Sunday night.  Not enough for us to decide to close the trails though.  Outside of the trails we currently have taped off and closed (Lower Meadow and Riegel) which aren't on our race course the trails are in really good shape after a weekend of riding.  The soil drains really well on most of the course and a little moisture will actually just help us keep hero dirt conditions.  We can go from too wet to ride to dry and dusty in a hurry up here on most of the course.

Independent of who you like to check for the weather, most of this week looks cool and dampish.  I like accuweather's descriptions myself.  "A touch of afternoon rain" and "A bit of morning rain".  Those are forecasts we can deal with.  The weekend looks pretty good too.

Barring some drastic change in the forecast (this is the Midwest, it could happen) we plan to be racing this weekend.

Getting To Woolly

How about some reminders on how to get to the Woolly.  It isn't too hard, and the mapping apps should get you to the high school without issue.  But if you like the written description here it is.

Driving Directions from the Twin Cities

Take I-35 North out of the Metro to Hwy 8 (Exit 132) in Forest Lake.  East on Hwy 8 ( about 23 miles) to Wisconsin.  After you cross the bridge into Woolly Land, you will proceed about 1 mile and turn left onto Industrial Pkwy (opposite KFC) for 2 blocks.  Left onto Maple Drive for 2 blocks.  St Croix Falls High School will be on the right.

Driving Directions from the North (Minnesota)

South on I-35 to North Branch.  In North Branch go East on  Hwy 95 (exit 147) for about 20 miles into Taylors Falls.  At the stop light you will go left onto Hwy 8 into Wisconsin.  Proceed about 1 mile east on Hwy 8.  Left on Industrial Pkwy (opposite KFC) for 2 blocks.  Left onto Maple Drive for 2 blocks.  St Croix Falls High School will be on the right.

Driving Directions from the East 

Take US-8 into St. Croix Falls.  Right on Industrial Pkwy (opposite KFC) for 2 blocks.  Left on Maple Drive for 2 blocks.  St Croix Falls High School will be on the right.

(FYI - If you are coming to pre-ride or anytime other than race weekend, you will probably want to park at the Woolly Trailhead.  Instead of turning left on Maple Drive, you would turn right.   You will see the Woolly Trailhead directly ahead of you after driving 2 blocks.)

If you are going to use a maping program, here is the physical address for the St Croix Falls High School:

740 Maple Drive St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

 Course Update

Expect to see the final course in tomorrow's update.  If you got out riding since we opened the trails, you should be pretty close to what you will ride (no West Ridge or Erratic Rock for Citizen and Kids Comp).  We will get the details button up here though and get the maps updated.

Course marking will be occurring on Thursday and Friday.

One thing to note is that the soccer fields at the High School will be occupied on Saturday with people actually playing soccer.  Don't be that mountain biker that gets in the way of the kids and parents there.  Feel free to ride through the parking lot over to West Ridge and ride the single track.  You'll be able to figure out the soccer field on race morning without pre-riding it on Saturday.


You didn't think I forgot did you?  This time we are giving a shout out to our title sponsor again.  Cyclova XC is back with us for a second year in a row.  If you need bike stuff in the St. Croix Valley, they are the place to go.  Located just down the hill from the Woolly Trails on Washington Street they are a great place to stop before, during or after your ride.  If you do it during, you will get a great workout heading back up State/Maple or better yet Louisana Street.


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