Four days to go.  I'm going to keep this update rather short as they seem to be going out later and later in the day.  For most of you, you'll be seeing this on Thursday morning.


Thursday is the last day to register online.  Go HERE to do that.

We remain highly confident that we are racing on Sunday.  We've still got a few spouts of precipitation in the forecast, but nothing that looks like a washout.  Right now we expect we should have hero dirt for most the race.  In fact, if we get a little precip overnight on Saturday we might have slightly greasy corners for the first few races, hero dirt midday, and we could be dry and dusty by the time the Elite class finishes.

All that to say, go ahead and register online now, no need to wait to make a call race day because you are worried about the weather.

Current Trail Conditions

Speaking of trails, they are currently OPEN.  We were out and about this evening and despite a cool and damp day, and a little expected precip overnight, the trails should be good.  Maybe a touch greasy in a few spots, but nothing that should keep you from getting a pre-ride in.

As always, you can find the latest trail conditions in the following places:

The website: On a computer it will be in the upper right corner.  On mobile you'll probably have to scroll to the bottom of the page.


Facebook: Trail conditions get posted there as an open/closed picture.

Twitter: Same deal as Facebook

And finally on the MORC Trail Conditions page.

We will probably answer your Facebook messages or emails about trail conditions... but ideally you'll check those places first.  If we have had a chance to determine open/closed we will have updated them.

MN Mtb Series Info

Last race specific update for the night is to point you to the resources on the series website.  They aren't immediately obvious (or they weren't to me anyhow).

If you click the little arrow next to HOME on the main series website, you will find links for Team Racing, Rules, Category Information, Tips For New Racers, and other useful information.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Sponsor Info - Including Beer

I knew I could get your attention with beer.  Hang in there, you'll find it... it isn't free, but still...

First, a reminder that Johnson Motors has been with Woolly a LONG time.  Their continued support of the Woolly means a great deal to us.  If you are in the market for a new "get to the trails" vehicle, please be sure to check them out.

Next a reminder that any time you are going between Woolly land and the Twin Cities, be sure to get your caffeine fix at Northwoods Roasterie in Lindstrom on Hwy 8.

OK, yes I said beer.  Trap Rock is the newest brewery to open in the area and we are excited that they are just two blocks from the trailhead.  And just two blocks from the Woolly Race.  They are excited to have us around too and have brewed up a Woolly Wheat beer specifically for this weekend.  You can't have alcohol on site at the Woolly Race (it is school property after all), but be sure to head over there and grab a Woolly Wheat.

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