WEEKEND WEATHER UPDATE (From Saturday 10/5):
So much rain! Unfortunately it looks like the trails are going to need to be closed during Woolly Day. It is hard to celebrate the trails by riding them and damaging them.
BUT LETS STILL CELEBRATE. What I love about the trails is the people it brings together. So even if we can't ride the trails, the weather looks pretty nice tomorrow so let's have a picnic at the trailhead.
Still bring a bike, as the Chisago Lakes Composite Mountain Bike Team is going to set up a skills course at the trailhead for us to have some fun on.
New schedule:
1pm - Gather and get food setup. Woolly is bringing brats and hot dogs and cake. If you brought something to share that would be amazing.
1:30pm - Eat and be merry, test your skills at the trailhead
3:00pm - If people are feeling ambitious, we can go for a ride on the Gandy. Be sure to have a WI State Trail Pass if you are over 16 and plan to ride the Gandy.


I figured I should drop an update on Woolly Day plans.  It has been just plain wet lately.  With more rain on the way Saturday the amount of trails open for Woolly Day may be pretty limited.

The weather looks promising for the day of though so we are still planning to go ahead with our celebration.  We will still have food and cake.  We are hoping to have some skills courses setup at the trailhead similar to what the Chisago Lakes Composite Mountain Bike Team sees at their races.

Depending on trail conditions we will open what we can, otherwise a nice cruise up the Gandy is always a good time (be sure to get a valid WI State Trail Pass if you plan to ride the Gandy).

So we hope you will still join us and we can celebrate the trails and all of the people who ride them and make them happen, even if our ability to ride them that day is limited.


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