There is a LOT going on in Woolly Land recently and in the near future.  Read on to learn more about:

  • A Spooky Halloween Eve Night Ride with Doug
  • How to "Beat The Dark" by joining Mike on November 3rd and riding 100 miles
  • Fall membership drive - Chance to win a bike!
  • Shed Construction

Spooky Halloween Eve Night Ride

Bring your friends and join Doug at 7pm on October 30th for a fun group ride in the dark.

Meet at the trailhead at 7pm for a little spooky fun while we ride backwards on the Woolly trails - now that should be a little scary...

Wear a costume if you like, but make sure you at least have your Orange and Black Woolly colors on - be creative!!

Come with at least a bar light for your bike but a helmet light is also suggested.

Photo by Wade White

Beat The Dark

This epic ride is a long running tradition in the St. Croix Valley. On the first morning after the end of Day Light Savings Time, take on the challenge to start a ride on the Gandy Dancer Trail at sunrise and ride the full length up to Danbury and back (100 miles) before sunset.

This is an entirely self supported event. We will gather at the Polk County Information Center for a 7am roll out (sunrise at 6:52). Ride as far north as you wish before turning around and returning to the Info Center. Maybe you only want to ride to Cafe Wren in Luck for breakfast and back. Maybe you want to go all the way and see if you can beat sunset at 4:55.

We will have some release of liability forms for insurance purposes, but outside of that and group roll-out at 7am, there will be no further support. Plan ahead for your own bailout if needed. If you think you might not make sunset, bring some lights.

State Trail passes required for riding on the Gandy.

Fall Membership Drive

If you didn't know, Woolly Bike Club is a IMBA Local Chapter.  That means we are incorporated under the International Mountain Bike Association.  You join WBC by joining IMBA and designating us as your Local Chapter.

If you join or renew your membership this October you are entered for a chance to win a sweet new Yeti bike and a number of other amazing prizes.

A significant portion of your IMBA dues go straight to WBC and help us build and maintain the trails, put on sweet events like you are reading about in this update, as well as build the shed I'm about to talk about.  Your membership does matter!

Woolly Shed

For the entire 14 year existence of the club, storage of our tools, equipment, race materials, grooming equipment, etc has either lived in someones garage, a small trailer at the trailhead, and recently all of the above.  Needless to say, not ideal.

After a long process contributed to by many people over the last several years, we have finally started construction on a storage shed at the trailhead.

This past weekend, a small and dedicated crew turned a gravel pad and a pile of lumber into something very much resembling a shed.  We have a little ways to go yet, but we will have a shed before the snow flies again!

This has been one of the biggest expenses in the history of the club.  If you wanted to help you could join WBC per the above, or you can always donate directly to the club.

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