While there is still a lot of snow on the ground and hopefully will be for another two months or so with sweet groomed single track to ride, Woolly is busy working in the background on the 2020 Woolly Race scheduled for May 3rd!  That means we will shortly be seeking out sponsors for the 2020 race.

But first, we need to do another round of shout-outs for our 2019 sponsors.  Sponsorships are what makes it possible for Woolly to put on our race.  That race basically funds our entire operation allowing us to build and maintain those sweet trails.  So, be sure to support those who support us.

2019 Title Sponsor - Cyclova XC is now Maklin Bike Shop and Berkshire Nordic Ski Service

While Cyclova XC is no more, the fine folks behind it are still in the area running new great businesses.  You can now find a great local bike shop just across the river from Woolly in Shafer MN at the Maklin Bike Shop.  Be sure to swing in there on your way to or from the Woolly for all your cycling needs.

Maklin Bike Shop

If you happen to do some nordic skiing in addition to your fat biking, Berkshire Nordic Ski Services can get you set-up with custom stone grinding and waxing services to help you ski faster.

Berkshire Nordic Ski Services

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