Thank goodness bikes and cycling is considered essential right now.  The Woolly Bike Club wants you to continue to experience the freedom and joy mountain biking brings.  We also need responsible stewardship to ensure the safety of our community. The Woolly trails will continue to stay open when weather permits, but we need everyone to follow some sensible guidelines so we can continue to make the trails available. 

STAY LOCAL Limit travel to within your community (or county). If you do not live near the Woolly Bike Trails in St. Croix Falls, please enjoy your local trail.  If you have to travel more than 30 minutes by car, please reconsider.

BRING WHAT YOU NEED Think like a Boy Scout. Be prepared with everything you need for the day to reduce exposure to area residents.  Don’t make unnecessary stops in local stores.

RIDE RESPONSIBLY Save that KOM for another day.  Mountain biking can be dangerous.  Keep in mind that St. Croix Falls is a small community with limited resources to respond to medical emergencies right now.  If you were to have an accident on the trail requiring medical attention, you will be taking vital medical resources from area residents.

PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING “On Your Left!” While 6 feet is a general distance guideline for non-aerobic activity, we now know that cycling and other aerobic activity requires more space.  Give riders 20 or more feet on the trail. Announce yourself and wait to pass until you can give each other 20 or more feet. Avoid group gathering at the Trail Head. Consider parking on the street so you don’t have to park near another vehicle.  

USE YOUR HEAD Do I really need to be doing this now?  These are extraordinary times.  We all love to ride and many of us NEED to get outside.  But ask yourself, “Do I need to be doing this now? Here?” Can I meet my needs without loading up my car and driving to another community to ride my bike right now?   

Woolly Trail Status Open or Closed?  As we said we will continue to open and close the trails as weather and trail conditions permit.  However, for the time being we are going to stop advertising the status online.  We will be limiting the status to the trails that are on the trail network.  If you are concerned about traveling to the trails only to find them closed, perhaps that is an indication that you are traveling too far.


IMBA Guidance

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