The weather is beautiful and with some trail work yesterday and a few more hours to dry out the trails should be ready for a good time this afternoon.

The trails will open at noon today.

A rough schedule:

1:00 – Folks will be gathering

1:30 – Group rides will head out

  • Full Loop including West Ridge
  • A loop with everything but West Ridge (we call this the fat bike loop because that is what gets groomed for fat biking)
  • Ladies only group
  • Kids ride

2:00 – CyclovaXC will be up with a couple of Farley fat bikes to demo for the afternoon

3:00 – The grilling gets started

3:00 – Kids games at the trailhead

  • Skinny riding
  • Bike slacklining
  • Slow races
Trap Rock Brewing, Woolly’s new neighbor to the east will be on hand during the afternoon for adult samples.
A last note that the trailhead parking lot will be closed so we can gather and move about a little better.  There is plenty of parking along the street for everyone.
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