Hey Woolly Land!

Have you seen club members rolling around the trails in the sweet Woolly kit and wanted some of your own?

If so, then you are in luck!  The Woolly Podiumwear storefront is now OPEN!

Head on over to the following link and use the password Woolly2017 to peruse and place your order.  The storefront will close on October 15th and then the orders will be shipped to your door approximately 4 weeks after that.  This would be a great time to get that Christmas present, or grab a fat bike jacket.

Podiumwear Woolly Storefront

New Baggy Shorts

New this time around are the baggy shorts.  I know a lot of folks aren’t too keen on getting all spandexed out so these will be just the ticket to pair with the freeride jersey or tech tshirt.  We need to reach a 5 piece minimum order on this to get an order in this time.  We also hope to have a sizing kit available at Woolly Day on October 8th.

What Else

Beyond the new baggy, everything we have previously offered is available with no minimum order quantities.  That means you can get:

Regular Men’s and Women’s Bike Jersey’s

Longsleeve Freeride Jersey

Men’s, Women’s, and Kids Tech Tees

Note, these Tech Tees tend to run a bit small.  You will likely want to consider going up a size from your usual here.

Men’s and Women’s Bib Shorts

Winter Fatbike Jacket


Just in case you looked at the prices and perhaps had a little sticker shock I wanted to talk briefly about the quality.  I personally, am a cheapskate.  If I can find a deal or somehow find a cheaper option I will likely do that.  HOWEVER, I LOVE MY WOOLLY KIT.  This is by far the nicest stuff I own.  I rode 262 miles of gravel, in 28 hours, in 40 degree rain this spring in one pair of my Woolly bib shorts.  Not a single issue.  I think the only piece of kit I don’t own is the fat bike jacket, but I’ve tried one on and it is SUPER nice too.

In summary, I think you are definitely buying quality here and this is money well spent.

The other note is that the Woolly Club does not get anything from the purchase of Woolly Wear.  These are the prices straight from Podiumwear so there are no mark-ups, fees, or anything else imposed by Woolly.

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