Things are getting exciting in Woolly Land relative to getting more kids on bikes.  As previously announced, the Woolly is helping the St. Croix Falls Schools add a fleet of 22 quality Trek bikes to their education curriculum.

The exciting development is that the bikes are starting to arrive at CyclovaXC!

There is still time to help the Woolly fill out the fleet.  All money donated to Woolly before the end of August is going directly to helping get those kids exposed to the life sport of mountain biking.  To donate today, see the information below.

Click the image below to donate via PayPal:


Mail a check payable to Woolly Bike Club to:
PO Box 114
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024


Drop a check payable to Woolly Bike Club off at CyclovaXC in downtown SCF.

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