Thursday evening a handful of Woolly volunteers headed out to do some trail fixes and improvements in Big Oak.

First up was to shore up the bridge feature.  Its built on top of a log and some of the boards were working loose.  It’s been reinforced and should be good to go for a while.

Next was the log skinny in the middle.  Sadly, there was no saving that rotted mess.  It just got rolled off into the woods.

But we wanted more tech too, so we built a new log skinny just before bridge.  This one is pretty skinny, but it is also nice and close to the ground.  As you can see in the first picture we even got Chuck Norris to test it out for us.  OK, maybe that is just Dirt Boss Jason, but he still has a nice kick going.

There was also some general maintenance activities going on with some face slapper trimming and leaf blowing.

Going forward there are discussions of adding some additional technical features in the center of Big Oak and creating a little tech loop for folks to session in the woods.

If you are interested in helping with trail projects and maintenance get in touch with us via Facebook and we will get you in the loop.

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