Yup, it’s cold today, but 8 weeks from tomorrow, the weather is forecast to be perfect.  OK, I guess we can’t promise the weather will be perfect, but it was last year, so why shouldn’t it be this year?!?  Either way, the race will be upon us soon.

A great race requires a few things:

Great course – we have this covered.  Our trails are a great place to test one’s legs and fitness early in the season.

Great weather – (we already discussed that)

Great racers – last year we had 560 registered racers and everyone that we heard from had a great day.  We are hoping to have everyone of them, plus many more racers this year.

Great sponsors – we are still finalizing this, but most of our great supports are willing to partner with us again this year….although we are always in search of others, so feel free to contact us at woollyrace@yahoo.com for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Great community – we are lucky to have a city (both local residents and government officials) that is supportive of our trails and events. 

Great volunteers  – WELL THIS IS REALLY THE TOPIC OF THE DAY.  Some venues only need a handful of volunteers to make a great race day, but our venue does not offer that luxury.  We have 5 road crossings, 2 aid stations, a well staffed registration table, T-shirt sales, course set-up and clean-up, etc…  For Woolly race to happen, we typically need 30+ volunteers AND WE STILL HAVE SPACE FOR YOU!!! Not only will we feed and hydrate you while you are working, but if you commit to a 4 hour shift, you will receive our beautiful limited edition 2017 Woolly Race T-shirt and believe it or not…THERE IS MORE…you will receive lots of Thank you’s, high fives, atta-girl/boys, pats-on-the-back, etc…

Our 2 shifts run basically from 8-12 and 12-4 on May 7 (but we do set course on Saturday, if you want to help with that).  We will find a need to fit around your schedule.  Whether you are well-versed in the mountain bike scene or if you have never even been to a race, we can find something that you will enjoy.  Plan to bring a friend or 2 and have on a good time. 

Not only are our volunteers life blood of the event, but they also bring the energy that ensures everyone enjoys their day and ensures racer’s and spectators have a great day.

If you are interested in helping for the day or have any questions, please contact us a woollyvolunteers@gmail.com

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