The high road or the low road?

The weather has been just awful lately.  Cold enough that getting wet really stinks.  But not cold enough that the ground is going to freeze of the precip is going to come down as snow.  And man has it been wet.  It’s not too often your sump pump runs in December in Minnesota, but mine is.

Despite all that, we are still super excited about the relocated Global Fat Bike Day group ride in the Sand Barrens.  In anticipation of a fantastic group ride this Saturday, one of our members did a little recon up in the Barrens the other day.  Conditions for a fat bike ride look primo!  You might get by on a mountain bike, but its going to be a slog.  Fat bikes are strongly encouraged.  It is GFBD afterall!

We are eyeing a roughly 22ish mile loop at a casual no-drop pace that will take 2-3 hours.  We say 22ish, because there are lots of opportunities to shorten or extend the loop depending on how the ride is progressing.  Casual and no-drop mean just that.  If you show up to ride we won’t leave you behind.  Plenty of stops and conversation.  If you want a fat bike hammer fest, sign up for the Solstice Chase in two weeks.

The weather is looking perfect so come on out to Howlin’ Wolf Creek Bar at 9 on Saturday morning and join us for a fat adventure.

Be sure to hit up our Facebook Event and let us know you are coming.

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