As you head out to the Woolly this weekend you may notice a few small changes.  Just like geese flying south and the leaves falling, these changes hint at the onset of winter and more importantly fat bike season.

Bjorn 2.0 has been roused from his summer hibernation and is tuned up and ready to prep the snowy trails so you can #ridegroomed.

Additionally, the trail fairies are keeping the trails good and clear of the falling leaves.  This allows the earliest possible freeze and therefore the best possible base as winter arrives.

Additionally as you roll around the trails you’ll notice a few new short reroutes of the trail.  You’ll find these in Wissahickon and Big Oak.  Groomed single track can be twisty and flowy too, but there is a limit to how tight Bjorn can turn so there are a few spots where the fat bike route cuts a few corners.

Additionally, Woolly is smoothing out Big Oak just a tad to make it a solid green trail and those changes will stick around next year.  This makes Big Oak a part of a nice “stacked loop” system where the further you venture from the trailhead the more technical the trails get.

We’ve had fantastic fall riding weather so far.  Pretty quick here everyone should turn their dance steps to favor freezing temps and then snowfall right after that.  Maybe we can even be on groomed trails for the Woolly Group Ride for Global Fat Bike Day on December 3rd!

We will see you soon for Fat Bike Group Rides.

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