It rained Wednesday, Thursday night into Friday morning, then again Friday night and another passing shower Saturday afternoon.  We received close to 3″ of rain during the end of the week.

One of our club members, we will call him “Super Arron”, went out for an inspection ride on Friday to see how the trails were looking.  He left tracks and picked up dirt on his tires.  As anyone knows, if you are leaving tracks you shouldn’t be riding.  He cleaned off lots of stick, but a few “sticks” were too big to be picked up and required a chainsaw…which he doesn’t typically carry on his fatbike.

Things were too wet to open Friday afternoon, but we were hopeful for things being dry enough on Saturday morning…and then it rained for several hours Friday evening.  So Saturday morning, when everyone is itching to hit the trails, we were forced to post this at the trailhead.
Since we couldn’t ride, a few of the club members decided to do some trailwork.  Chainsaw, weed whips (wheeled and hand-held), leaf blower, lawn mower, clippers, etc… were put to work.  7 man-hours and several bee stings later, the trails were still slick in a few spots, but grass was mowed, weeds were whipped, face-slappers were trimmed, and finally the trails were blown clean.

The results of these efforts are trails so clean that reports are “you could eat off of them”, but we wouldn’t recommend it.  Either way, Woolly is open, Open, OPEN and there may be a few greasy spots, but overall trails should be in excellent condition.
Weather forecast is PERFECT for Sunday, so hopefully you can grab your bike and possibly a friend or two and spend some quality Woolly-time.  We know you won’t regret it. 
Anytime you head to St Croix Falls to ride Woolly, please let people in town know you came to ride the local MTB trails.  This is true with any of your favorite trails because “locals” need to know that bikes bring business to town.
If you head to Woollyland tomorrow…or any other day, please consider a visit to one of our club sponsors and stop at the Dallas House Coffee Shop in downtown SCF for a pre-ride coffee, pastry or light lunch, if you’d prefer some post-ride refreshments hit the Dallas House bar at the intersection of Hwy 8 & 35 for a great post-ride burger and beer.  Of course, CyclovaXC is the “Official Bike Shop of the Woolly Bike Club” and they are always available for anything you forgot to pack for your ride,  trailside mechanical, or consider them next time you need a new bike (I know they are excited about the 2017 Treks, Salsas, and Advocate bikes that are coming out soon, plus you can probably get a deal right now on remaining 2016s.)  
Again, no matter where you go when you are in-town to ride, please make sure people know you came to town to ride Woolly because we are dependent upon the help of our sponsors and community to keep building and maintaining our trails, so everyone can enjoy them throughout the year.
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