Updated 4/28 6:00pm
Nicholas is asking what I’m sure many of you are wondering, when can I ride Woolly?
First, you’ll notice we’ve added a trail status indicator on our webpage in the top right.  That is where to look for the most up to date status of the trails.
Here is what we know right now as of Thursday late afternoon.  The trails are wet and CLOSED.  We got quite a bit of rain in Woolly Land the last few days even more than predicted on Thursday.  Friday things start looking up. For now,  please stay off the trails so we have the best course possible this weekend.
We are going to put a highly unlikely for opening the trails Friday evening.  You can be assured we will be keeping a close eye on them over the next two days and we will keep you informed.  We are more optimistic and would be willing to upgrade the rating to a definite hopefully to have the trails open Saturday.
We have already begun marking the course.  You can check out the pictures below to see some of the signage.  Friday evening and through Saturday we will be completing the full course marking including taping off the unused portions of the trail.
We will have a guided tour of the courses Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm.  Meet near the start/finish area by the HS.  We will have two levels of rides so everyone is welcome.
So, stay tuned, do an anti-rain dance if you’ve got one, and hopefully we will see you on the trails this weekend.
Be sure to check out the course descriptions HERE.

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