After a great winter on the Fat Bikes, Bjorn 2.0 has decided to hibernate for the summer.  Even though the snow is gone, the trails will not be ready to be ridden for several weeks.  We all want to be riding in the dirt soon, so maybe remembering the great times at Woolly 2015, you will get the fix you need until things dry out completely.

Keep your eyes on this website for updates on trail condition and 2016 St Croix Valley Woolly details.   Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow is on Twitter (@WoollyBikeClub) to stay up to date.  Also, watch the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series website for details about the entire 2016 race series.  Registration for the year opens on March 25.

REMINDER – DO NOT RIDE, WALK ON, OR THINK ABOUT IN AN INAPPROPRIATE MANNER ANY OF THE WOOLLY TRAILS.  We want to ride in the dirt just as bad as you do, so as soon as the trails are ready, we will open them.  Until they are open, please stay off.  A few laps before the trails are ready can take hours and hours of volunteer labor to repair the damage and can risk trail access problems with our Land Managers.  Spin on your trainer and watch this video to get your juices flowing for now.

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