Trail update: STILL CLOSED!!

We realize that many of you are anxious to get out and start enjoying the trails, but they are not quite ready. Conditions around the Woolly trail network vary widely right now, with some of it drying out nicely, but the majority of the trail is still too soft and muddy for any kind of traffic. Several probably well-meaning users have already caused much damage to the trail, that will take our volunteers many, many man-hours to repair.

We ask you to please consider the damage you may be doing to your favorite trail just by simply using it, and stay off if you are leaving any trace that you were there. This applies to every dirt trail anywhere- there are no exceptions. A good rule of thumb is this: if you are leaving tire tracks OR foot prints behind you on any trail, it simply is not ready.

Furthermore, in order to preserve our trails, and our privilege to use them, we need for everyone to be aware of how sensitive they are this time of year. We ask you to please be an ambassador for your trails, and help to educate anyone you may know that may not be aware of the damage they might be doing out there. We all need to be on board with this in order to keep the trails we know and love open for us to use!
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