Hey Woollyland, it is nearly election time. The fun kind, the Woolly kind.

First a super quick note. I jumped the gun on the new webpage. It is ready and waiting… for the internet. It’ll be live hopefully in the next week or so. Until then, we are living in blogger land.

OK, on to the ballot.

We have asked for some short bio/stump speeches from the candidates as well as “representative photos”. This post will be updated as additional information becomes available.


Ben Mullin

I’ve been mountain biking for about 5 years now. A runner and xc skier in HS, I started into biking the first summer after CyclovaXC opened and they told me I needed a bike. First it was a road bike, then I got out my late 90’s fully rigid 26’er and was “that guy” at the group rides. You know, the one who always left bleeding. Thankfully I’ve come a ways since then and now enjoy actually improving my technical riding skills along with beating myself up with either hard rides or really long rides and only occasionally crashing.

I have been serving as the VC for the last year. I have enjoyed working with the other board members and sharing our passion for mountain biking and the Woolly trails. I am running for chair to fill the vacancy left by long time member Matt. It is my interest to see the number of active members grow and the Woolly Trail system grow into a mountain bike destination.

Vice Chair

Joe Jaroscak

Ready to serve.    I have been involved with the Woolly the past few years, helping with the race, helped with  building the Erratic section of trail, do some trailhead maintenance, and just spread the word of the Woolly. I will do my best to carry on with the visions of the early Woolly faithful & I am excited to see out future growth. Maybe even find some time to ride.  Go Woolly.

Note: The Vice Chair position is normally not up for election in this round. It is available as the position is currently held by Ben Mullin who is running for Chair.


Steve Hamlin

I was first introduced to the Woolly Bike Club trails back in 2013 when I was getting back into riding again. I have ridden a lot of different trail systems and find there to be something special about the Woolly Bike Club Trails and the community of people around them.

I see a lot of opportunity in St. Croix Falls for outdoor adventure sports with the Woolly Bike Club trail system being a major pillar to the community and opportunity. There appears to be potential for more trail growth, along with bringing even more awareness of the trails to both the local and neighboring communities. I also believe that St. Croix Falls has a large potential for being a well known outdoor adventure destination area with Mountain Biking being one of the reasons for the destination, with additional growth of the club and trails system.

As Treasurer of the Woolly Bike Club, I can work with the other members of the club and the community to bring awareness to the club and grow the trail system, while managing a solid financial plan to support the growth through new memberships and community support.

Thanks for your support!

Board Member at Large (3 seats available)

Doran O’Brien

By serving on the Woolly board, I hope to create an all inclusive environment for outdoor enthusiasts in our communities by building, maintaining, and promoting the trail system. I also recognize a growing presence of bikers in the Scandia/Marine area that could benefit from using the Woolly and become supporters as well. Thank you for your consideration.

Sláinte! Doran

Tyler Engberg

I was hooked on mountain biking ever since my first ride at Lebanon Hills 10+ years ago. For 6 of those years I have been riding the Woolly Bike Club Trails. During that time I have thoroughly enjoyed introducing these unique trails to friends and family as well as riding it with people that already know how awesome they are! Being they are the closest trails to where I live and the one I ride most frequently, I have always wanted to take a more active role in the club. I believe my experience riding other trails, my enjoyment of introducing others to cycling, being a certified mountain bike coach and my passion for mountain biking make me a good candidate for a Woolly Board Member at Large. Thank you for considering me for this role.

Greg Gentle

Thank you for considering my interest in joining the Woolly Bike Club board. I’ve wanted to take a more active role with the Woolly Bike Club for years. Job, life and other responsibilities has made that difficult until now. I believe my experience in non-profit management, community building, service focused mindset, and passion for cycling is a good fit for the Woolly Board. Thank you for considering me for membership.

Mark Fisk

I would like to run for Member at large. If local folks wanted the spot I’m all for new local people getting an opportunity to serve the community.

Things I would like to explore:

  • Bi-weekly summer program for kids/high schoolers on the Woolly trails.
  • Explore additional lands for expansion of Woolly trails.
  • Review current mission statement, 5 year and 10 year plans.
  • Trail assessment by outside trail building organization.
  • Gateways and gates entering Woolly trail segments – gates can be closed during hard trail closures.
  • Develop volunteer incentive program where volunteers(including board members) earn Woolly gear for their volunteer hours.

Election Procedure Reminder

The first and best way to vote will be in person at the Woolly Annual meeting which is Thursday November 9th at Cyclova XC at 7pm.

An alternate method is to send an email to the Election Chair at woollybikeclub@gmail.com

Finally, you may mail a written ballot to the Woolly PO Box (PO Box 1114, St. Croix Falls, WI 54024) to be received no later than November 9th.

For full election procedure details refer back to this post with the approved procedures.

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