Bjorn wishes you a very happy New Years!

We have a few updates for you as we rush very coldly out of 2017 and into 2018.

Grooming Update

The very Bjorn in that picture was out grooming Thursday evening for that dusting of snow we received.  There was probably 1″-2″ of snow and Bjorn threw down some sweet corduroy for everyone’s pleasure.  It is going to be COLD, but you have to love some firm, Styrofoam squeaky corduroy if you can tolerate a little nip in the air.

Fresh grooming Thursday evening.

Year End Giving

Hey, we are going to stay as far away from any political statements as possible, BUT… if you are in the giving mood at the end of the year we want to remind you that there are multiple ways for you to contribute to the Woolly which is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

First, join us!  Yeah, head on over to IMBA, join at an individual level or greater and designate Woolly as your chapter.  Hit that Join link in the top menu and follow the instructions there.

Second, we have a PayPal link for a direct donation.  Hit that Donate link in the top menu and follow the instructions there.

As always, the Woolly really appreciates the support of the community.

Trail Users

First, Polk County has opened the Gandy Dancer for snowmobiles.  We would like to remind all of our riders to be extra cautious when entering or riding on the Gandy Dancer.  Those snowmobiles weigh a lot more than a fat bike and can go way faster.  Pay attention to your surroundings, make yourself visible, be friendly, and be safe.  If you are night riding a tail light is highly recommended.

Second, just a reminder that the Woolly trails in the winter are open only to Fat Bikes with 3.8″ or greater tires.  The grooming and amount of traffic we get do no support use by bikes with tires narrower than that.  So remember to go fat, and run the tire pressure as low as possible.

Pressure recommendations from our friends at CWOCC


Happy New Year!

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