Group Ride – Wednesday 1/24/2018 – 6pm – Woolly Trailhead

In case you were wondering, the big snow storm that covered most of southern MN did in fact hit Woolly Land as well.  I’m not sure we got an official measurement on the trails, but there is definitely a bunch of snow.

Bjorn (yes, he is on Facebook now) took four trips around the Woolly Monday evening into Tuesday to ensure we all had some sweet groomed single track to ride this week.


Trail conditions remained a bit soft on Tuesday.  Low tire pressures are key to keep from diggin big ruts in the trail as it sets up.  We had reports of as low as 2 psi today!

Head out to the Woolly Trail head at the intersection of Maple and Lincoln Wednesday night to join what will probably be a big group at 6pm.  So charge up those lights, air down the tires, and we will see you Wednesday night!

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