Hey Woolly Land!

We need your help.  Exciting things are in the planning stages for the Woolly this summer.  First up, is a place to put all our Woolly stuff.  As you might imagine, it takes a fair collection of tools to build the trails, keep them looking spiffy, not to mention all of the stuff it takes to put on the Woolly Race.

Right now all of that stuff is generally stored in a few members garages.  Thankfully we are in the final stages of obtaining permission for Woolly’s very own garage to be placed in the vicinity of the trailhead.  This is going to make trail work more convenient and a few members excited about possibly parking in their garages again.

Here is where we could use your help.  Because of some zoning issues, we will not be able to construct a permanent building, so we are looking at a prefabricated style garage in the 12’x20′ ballpark.  Built and delivered that would be on the order of $5000.  In kit form the cost comes down to about $3500, but consumes a few weekends of volunteer time.  Honestly, we would love to save the money, but some of the other exciting plans involve trail building and we would really rather be building trails than building garages.

So, a few options for you to help us out.

  1. Help us score a deal on prefab garage.  If you know someone or have contacts into a business that might be interested in working a deal with the Woolly to reduce the cost of a fully assembled garage that would be awesome.
  2. Build the garage for us.  Another option is to do the building of the garage while we do the building of the trails.  If you have a group of skilled laborers that would be interested in donating their time to handle the construction we can focus on building sweet new trails and save a few dollars on the cost.

    Both options 1 and 2 have a few potential benefits to the folks who might be able to help us out.

    The Woolly is a 501(c)3 non-profit so there are likely some tax benefits.

    The garage is going to be fairly prominent at the trailhead and naming rights for the building are another potential option.  It won’t be quite like US Bank Stadium or Target Field, but <INSERT NAME OF ORGANIZATION> Woolly Shed wouldn’t be too far behind.

    Finally, the Woolly Race is also coming up this May and we are about to begin our search for 2018 sponsors again.  We would absolutely consider donations made relative to the Woolly storage shed towards race sponsorship and the benefits normally entailed (logos on race shirts, day of announcements, logos on the trailhead signs for the remainder of 2018, logo on swag giveaway for the title sponsor)

  3. Monetary donations – You can always hit up the Paypal link found under the “Donate” menu item in the upper right of the web page.

If you think you can help out, drop us a line at woollyvolunteers@gmail.com.


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