**Woolly Update 4/3/2018**

**To be clear, this is not some kind of cruel April Fools prank**

Bjorn Vintergruven is coming out of hibernation!

We never thought that this would happen, but winter is back, and we’re rolling with it! The majority of the Woolly still has a pretty decent base from a season full of grooming, and the few spots that had melted and previously turned to mud, have fully frozen, and are now covered in almost a foot of snow, with more snow on the way!! What do we have to lose? Nothing! What do we have to gain? Almost another week of #ridegroomed!!!!

Bjorn will be out on the course grooming tonight around 9pm, and with all of this snow, will likely make 2 or 3 passes. He will be out again Thursday polishing it up for this coming weekend, which is looking perfect for fat biking!

We know that you’re probably “over it” when it comes to this winter, but you might as well ride it out!!!!

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