Holy cow!  10 days to go until Woolly Race 2019.  Time for some more frequent updates.

Sponsor Shout-outs

Before we go any further, we need to continue to thank our sponsors.  I know everyone wants to get straight to the details, but we can't have this race without our sponsors so be sure to check them out before getting to the race updates after.

In our Spring Update last week we said that Cyclova XC is back as our title sponsor again this year.  We are super excited they are back.  As you'll see in a few paragraphs, the trails aren't open yet, so swing down the hill from the Woolly trails and check them out.  They can help get your bike in riding shape, maybe hook you up with a new bike, or get you some sweet new riding accessories.  Let Jim and Steve know you came from Woolly and thank them for supporting us.

Johnson Motors of St. Croix Falls has been a LONG time sponsor of the Woolly.  Check them out for all your vehicle purchase and service needs.  A diverse inventory of Buick, Chevrolet, Ford and GMC plus their service will keep you driving to the Woolly trails.  Check them out and thank them for supporting Woolly!

Northwoods Roasterie and Coffee Shop is back again this year.  John didn't hesitate to sponsor Woolly when approached.  So if you are coming from the cities to ride Woolly be sure to stop in to Northwoods right on Hwy 8 in Lindstrom.  Get a pre-ride cup and a post ride cup.  Or grab a bag of coffee to enjoy every morning at home.  As always, let them know you appreciate their support of Woolly.

Last for today, but certainly not least, we are excited to have Trap Rock Brewing Co join us as a new sponsor for 2019.  Located just two blocks from the Woolly Trailhead, Trap Rock Brewing is serving up a great selection of micrbrews using mostly locally sourced ingredients.  They are also having an official grand opening the weekend of the Woolly race!  So be sure to swing over their after the race or any time you are up riding the Woolly.

Trail Update

OK, the million dollar question.  Are the trails open yet?  Sorry to be the bad guy here, but NO, not yet.  We are getting close though.  We have had a group of volunteers out assessing the trails, doing some clean-up, mitigating some of the spring thaw maintenance issues, and finalizing the course.

Maybe... maybe... we can open this weekend.  The weather doesn't look super promising though.  Keep thinking dry thoughts.

In the meantime, remember, riding wet trails is not ok.

Race Course

On paper the course for 2019 looks almost identical to 2018 (and 2017).  But it isn't!  We've got close to half a mile of new single track that you'll be riding.  We will have some more detailed maps shortly that will have graphical details of the different class versions and a better idea of the start and finish area.

For now, Kids Comp and Citizen will not do West Ridge or Erratic Rock.  Kids Comp is one lap and Citizen is two.  Sport will do the full loop twice, except the first time they will skip West Ridge.  Comp and Women's Elite do three laps skipping West Ridge the first time.  Expert...  well, you get to do the whole thing four times including West Ridge.  Better get that hole shot before ducking into the woods!

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