One week from now... it'll be all over.

Yes, Sponsors!

We are extremely lucky to have all of these groups support us.  By supporting us, they are supporting you.  Be sure to make it a full circle by supporting them back.  So be sure to read about them here before skipping down to the race updates below.

What is EVERYONE'S favorite way to replace those calories burned during a good ride?  Ice Cream, of course.

Valley Sweets has quickly become the place to indulge your sweet tooth in downtown St. Croix Falls with an amazing selection of Award Winning Ice Cream, hand made waffle cones, and the greatest selection of candy you have seen in a long time.

Grab some ice cream and walk down to the overlook and enjoy the beauty of the St Croix River Valley.  Your first visit will never be your last.

Protect your two-wheeled investment

Corroded chains, stuck cables, and pitted disc brakes wreck your ride and your bike. Bike Jacket is an easy, simple way to protect your bike from the elements that could damage it.

Avoid road crud

Bikes are often on the back of a vehicle being transported somewhere. Driving along the road less traveled can be great—but what dirt and gravel do to bike components is no good.

No more hassling with offhand solutions

Hey, we’ve been there and done that. We’ve messed with plastic bags that flew off on the road and other crazy mishaps. You want to spend your time biking and not hassling with protecting your bike on the road. That’s why we created Bike Jacket! Easy, fast and effective.

FOUNDED in 1972, Northwire is a privately held contract manufacturer reaching an international market. We are your premier partner for the design and manufacture of custom technical wire and cable, retractile cords, cable assemblies, connectors, and harnesses for diverse applications in life sciences, energy, aerospace/defense, industrial and more.NWI leverages professional certifications in Six Sigma®, Lean, Project Management and the American Society for Quality to optimize design, manufacturing and quality to achieve the highest quality and shortest lead times for any volume.

St. Croix Festival Theatre’s mission is to make the arts welcoming to all people as an essential part of their well being and for the vitality of the community. It was founded  to provide St. Croix Valley residents and visitors to this scenic region with highest quality of live professional theatre. In the years since, Festival Theatre has produced more than 100 plays for more than 200,000 St. Croix Valley residents and visitors.

We are excited to have St Croix Festival Theatre back as a partner in 2019!!

Osceola Auto Body was founded in 1975 and has been growing ever since. Brian and Barb Johnson established the business and successfully owned it until 2004. Dan Tronrud, who was the manager at Osceola Auto Body at the time, along with his wife Kierstin, became the new owners and continue to run the business today. It is our priveledge to serve you, and we appreciate your business!

Race Volunteers Needed!!

A week out and we really really really need some folks to step up and help us put on the race.  We have a bunch of road crossings that need monitoring in order to put on a safe event.  There are a few other positions needed as well.  If you can spare a few hours to help with the race you get to take home a sweet race t-shirt.

Please email us at to let us know you can help!

More Starting Area Details

Yesterday we covered a bit about the race course in and around the start and finish area.  How about the rest of the stuff going on there?  Where is registration, where do I check my results, where do I go when my results aren't right, where do I get my award, where do I stuff my face, etc.

Let's start chronologically shall we?


There is plenty of parking onsite at the high school.  You really shouldn't have any issues.  There is the main lot shown in the map above and the one just to the north of the map.  Park smartly, watch for cyclists, and don't lay your bikes on the ground where someone might run over them.


Whether you signed up online ahead of time or not, you'll need to go to the registration tables.  Out front of those tables you'll find some signs directing you on where to go.  Series plates, day of registration, pre-registered, etc.

By the time you are done there you should have a front plate, a back plate, should have signed a waiver, paid some money if necessary, and gotten some SWEET Woolly Swag.

Right next to registration will be the table with Woolly Merch.  Hats, shirts, stem caps, old shirts, etc.

Race Start

Be sure you know what time your race is (see the schedule on the series website).  10 or 15 minutes ahead of that time you'll want to be gathering near the starting area.  The announcer and signage will indicate the wave starting order for each class.


There will be a big orange a-frame roughly in the position indicated.  When the results are available they will be stapled to the bored.  As the first race, they can sometimes take a little bit of time to get everything all sorted.  Take a little time to go for a cool down and check back.


Now that you've checked your results, maybe there was something wrong.  To correct that, you will need to go see the timing folks under the tent over near the finish area.  Woolly race volunteers can't help you even though we would like to.  Head on over to get things sorted.


By now you are probably hungry.  Sir Smoke-A-Lot and Yummy's foods will both have food trucks available.  Barbeque and Gyros.  Be sure to grab a bite to eat to replenish your gylcogen stores.


Be sure to hang around for the awards whether you placed or not.  At each awards ceremony for the various classes we will be giving away some of the sweet swag from Cyclova XC.


Hopefully those are self explanatory.

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