One more day of work...

Trail Report

So, when the dirt crew reports in from blowing off the trails again (we want them looking AMAZING for all of you this weekend) and says "Best dirt ever!"... you really can't add much to that.

Weather Speculation

Well that kind of depends on who you look at.  One source doesn't seem to indicate any precipitation at all.  Another makes it look pretty wet if you look at the graphics.  But if you look at the underlying data it talks about 0.05" of rain.

Take this with the warning that I have zero meteorological training, but the following graph, as I understand it, gives you an idea of the variability in the total precipitation expected given varying weather models.  Essentially it tries to give you an idea of the uncertainty of the forecast. 12Z/05 is for approximately 6am on race day and 00Z/06 is about 6pm.

What I get from that is we might get nothing, or we might get maybe up to 0.2" or so during race time.  Basically nothing to worry about.  I think we are basically just ensuring hero dirt here.

Race Day Schedule

If this is your first time at a race, note the wave start times.  Be sure to be gathering near the starting line about 10 minutes before the race.  Listen for the announcers instructions and self organize in the start chute according to the instructions.  Be sure you start with your assigned wave.

If you are confused, ask your neighbor.  We've all been there.  It is 100% ok.  If you see someone looking lost, help them out.  We're all in this for fun so lets be awesome to each other.


Online registration is CLOSED.  Day of begins at 8am.  We will have signs up and chutes ready for you, but they will be closed off until 8 so we can get ourselves and the series all situated.  We appreciate the patience.

The forms will be out on the table in front of the tents.

Cash, check (made out to Woolly Bike Club), and card are all accepted.


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