Hey folks.  We had a call with the Series this morning and are making a minor update to the course update to reflect that conversation.  We are just trying to true up the expected lap times to ensure that race day runs on the slightly updated schedule of racing this year.

As of 2:30pm on Friday the course marking hasn't quite caught up to the latest update, but it will be before you ride on Saturday if not sooner.

For all races, we have eliminated part of the Wissahickon North loop.  Now immediately after crossing the Gandy Dancer trail you will cut across and head right on the two track you normally would have gotten to in about 2/3 of a mile.  Pretty simple.

The other minor update affects only the Comp class. And that change is to NOT immediately enter West Ridge on the first lap.  Now all classes will skip West Ridge on the first lap.


Back later with a few more updates!

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